Forever Young - May 9th!

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The magic. The mystery. The music. There's nothing quite like raving. Every time you walk in the door, you're transported to a timeless land of peace, love, unity and respect; a place where the beat never stops and the wonders never cease; home away from home. You know how amazing it feels.

So do we.

We remember our first glimpse into the magical world that is raving. We remember the bracelets, the smiles, the hugs, the lasers, the music. And even though we've grown older, so long as we have raving in our lives, we never have to grow up.

On May 9th, join Nocturnal Commissions as we celebrate the wonder and magic of all things rave. Get out your brightest bracelets and your fun fur pants; bring along your old half-filled PLUR book; buy a new Vicks inhaler and a pair of glowsticks.

We are bright.

We are happy.

We are loving.

We are Toronto's Happy Hardcore ravers, and we are...


Field of Dreams
Happy Hardcore, UK Hardcore, Hardcore Breaks

Fracus [UK] - Next Generation Records / RFU Recordingz / Hardcore Underground

Audio X [USA] - Pitched Up / Electronica Exposed

Virus - Electromagnetic, Nahm,

Dynamic [USA] - Nocturnal Commissions, Embedded

Xphox - Nocturnal Commissions,

George (WSR) - Nocturnal Commissions, Embedded

DAVEoftheRAVE - Nocturnal Commissions

SuprNova [USA] - The Herd, Start Stompin, Hardcore Hounds

Hosted by MC Rukkus - Teamfuckup, K12Studios, SunrizeSounds

Hardcore Breaks, Drum n Bass, Breakbeat Hardcore, Breakcore, Oldskool Hardcore, Funky Breaks

mannik5000 - Airhead, Robotpilot Industries,

Tyco & Scoots - Goodfellaz, Thunder Kids, k00t3rk0r3

RobotPilot & Psyklone - k00t3rk0r3, Airhead, Robotpilot Industries, Goodfellaz, Canadian Hardcore Collective

Scartat - Canadian Hardcore Collective, General Misconduct Entertainment

Mizz Lee - Embedded, Airhead, Robotpilot Industries

Steve Surreal - Airhead,,

D-Real - PBD Productions

This is a true Nocturnal Commissions rave, which means you're going to see:

- TRIP and Happy Rave booths!
- Unique Chill Room!
- World class decor from our own Dream Builders!
- Fresh fruit all night to keep your energy up!
- Free CDs and other giveaways!
- EMS for your safety!
- Our traditional Kandie Kontest with prizes for the most kandied-up raver!
- And most of all, that one-of-a-kind, home-sweet-home, together-forever, happiest hardcore Nocturnal Commissions vibe that YOU bring with you to each of our events!

This event is for ravers 16 and older; please bring your ID no matter how old you are to ensure access. There is a 19+ licensed area for the many, many drinkers among us.

Admission is just 20$ for Early Bird tickets (available at Shanti Baba - 546 Queen Street West, Toronto - and the Happy Rave booth until March 1st). Advanced tickets are $25 dollars, and admission at the door will be $30. Coming from out of town? Email us at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it to secure your tickets at the advanced price and ensure entry in the event of a sell out crowd!

Remember: we want to see the most ridiculous, ravetastic outfits the world has ever seen!

PLUR, ROAR, and KANDIEKIDSFOREVER! in full effect!

Happy rave! See everyone there! Laughing

That, and it's Wei-tom's birthday!

Sure, he'll be in China, but that doesn't mean we can't celebrate in his honour! Laughing