NYE 09 - Rave Around The Clock!

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As the snow falls and yet another year draws to a close, we here at NC HQ put our heads together to reminisce about 2009 and make plans for 2010. And by make plans, we obviously mean get drunk (does it ever mean anything else?). So a few days later, after we recovered (and briefly got drunk again - twice), we met back up and thought "hey, if we're in a race against time, time is totally kicking our butts." So, logically, we decided to do the only thing we could do - we would finish the time machine we've been working on for the last few years, go back in time, and kick it old school, in the age of muscle cars, neon diners, sock hops and drive-in movies - the jump-jivingest, scuba-divingest decade of them all - the 1950s!! Then we thought about it a little harder, and decided that if we're going to build a time machine anyway (which, as it turns out, is harder than you'd think), we can just wait for our FUTURE selves to build it, then have them send the finished machine back for us to use!

Unfortunately, as it turns out, our future selves are apparently REALLY pissed at us for ruining their livers (we think they're just making excuses for being really lazy), so if we're going to achieve our goal, we're going to need YOUR help to turn back the clock!

So we're putting the call out now - calling ALL ravers! On Thursday, December 31st, help us turn the clock forward AND backward at the same time (take that, Large Hadron Collider)!! Get ready to:


Flyer Front
With the world class lineup you've come to expect from Nocturnal Commissions, including:

Hardcore Hotel:

Rize & Starr [USA]
THC Recordings, Mad Panik Records, NAHM

Milo [USA]
NAHM, HappyHardcore.com

Opel b2b Flyboy
Deprivation Records, Embedded, Nocturnal Commissions

Nocturnal Commissions, Hard Corps

Nocturnal Commissions
Nocturnal Commissions, Casualinsertion.org

The Midnight Manor:

Madam Zu [UK]
Raw State, madamzu.com

Lady Bass
LadyBass.net, CHILLS DJs, Purity Productions

CHC, Kanibalz, djext.ca

Crash Override
Project D, 1upped, and Harsh_Reality

Lucy Ford b2b Mizz Lee
Nocturnal Commissions, Embedded

Nocturnal Commissions

Flyer Back

This is a true Nocturnal Commissions rave, and you know what that means - incredible energy, amazing vibe, and a night that just may be the best you've ever had!

It also means:

- TRIP and Happy Rave booths!
- World class decor from our own Dream Builders!
- Fresh fruit and candy all night to keep your energy up!
- Free CDs and other giveaways!
- EMS for your safety!
- The traditional NC Kandie Kontest - dress your best and brightest to win the prize!
- And most important of all, that one-of-a-kind, non-stop, rave-til-you-drop, Happiest-Hardcore vibe that YOU bring with you to each and every one of our events!

This event is for ravers 16 and older; please bring your ID no matter how old you are to ensure access. There is a 19+ licensed area to provide plenty of Jager, and presumably other drinks too.

This event will be held at the Grand Prix Kartways, located at 75 Carl Hall Road, Bay 3, Unit #9. To facilitate access to this location, Nocturnal Commissions will be providing a shuttle run to the nearest 24- hour bus line for the last few hours of the party. See announcements on www.NocturnalCommissions.com for schedule and additional details.

Admission is just 25$ for advance tickets (available at Shanti Baba - 546 Queen Street West, Toronto - and the Happy Rave booth). Admission at the door will be $30. Coming from out of town? Email us your full name and city of origin to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it to secure your tickets at the advanced price and ensure entry in the event of a sell out crowd!

Doors open at 9 PM and the rave continues until 5AM.

Are you REALLY Hardcore? Your ticket to Rave Around the Clock will get you a pass worth $25 OFF your admission to the epic Dark Rave 40 Hour New Year's party! Why stop at 5 AM when you can party til Monday!?