Thank You!


The NC crew would like to thank each and every raver who came out and made TRR 5 a night to remember!

Dave Skywalker sends his regrets at not being able to make it, and he also sends you this link to check out for your exclusive TRR5 mix: We're very much looking forward to having him out in May. :)

There were struggles and storms, there was chaos and chemistry, there was mischief and mayhem, there were glorious memories and setbacks as well. But through it all, there was never once even a single doubt that this rave community is the best on the planet, and we are privileged to be a part of it. Thank you, Toronto ravers, for making it all worth it. We are looking forward to making the events of 2011 some of the best you've ever seen.

You know what? That's an easy thing to say. It's easy to pass that off as marketing, or rhetoric. But listen as I tell you that this journey is only just beginning. There is a passion for hardcore that drives each of us here at NC. We learn from our victories, and we learn from our mistakes. And it is our singular vision to ensure that every one of our raves provides the opportunity to be the best night of your life. Sometimes we succeed, sometimes we miss the mark, but we'll never stop trying, and we'll never stop working for you.

When you walk into our events and you feel the bass pounding through your bones... when you see the laser slicing through the fog and bubbles filling the air... when you hear that favourite melody washing over the crowd as they reach for the sky... when you trade bracelets and candy with people you've known for under a minute... when you watch DJs from across the planet bring the most intense hardcore right here to Toronto for you... when you feel that electric shiver as you become a part of a crowd united in dance and fervor... then know this: 

That's what we're here for

That's who we are

That's what we do

We are Toronto's hardcore ravers - and we are here to stay!

Now bring on 2011!