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After a long, exhausting weekend of raving, there’s only one thing that can truly revitalize and re-energize you – more raving. So that’s what we’re going to do!


TRRaft.jpg (960×548)


Join Nocturnal Commissions and Daydream Productions as we unite for a cruise around Toronto’s lakeshore in the warm summer sun. You’ll see the best view of the city’s skyline, and you’ll have a chance to get acquainted with the new friends you met over the weekend. There will be a cash bar and freshly BBQ’d food available for purchase, along with a few snacks from the NC and Daydream crews. And of course – there will be music! Your


DJs for this event:

GAMMER (Special Happy Set) [UK]

AL STORM b2b FRISKY (Old School Classics Set) [UK]


KAMIKAZE [Vancouver]


And of course, Toronto’s favourite Hardcore sea captain, Flyboy, bringing you a Eurotacular set straight from your fondest (Day)dreams!


Your vessel for the day will be the Obsession III, docked at 249 Queens Quay West (just below Lower Simcoe). The Obsession III features two levels and a retractable roof, so we’ll be partying rain or shine!

The event begins PROMPTLY at noon on Sunday, June 7th – please do not be late! We WILL leave without you! (But we’ll be sad about it).

Tickets are $25 and may be purchased below!


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They’re coming.

Sure, there was a brief delay to rally additional rainbows and a brief battle with the toaster strudel dogs. But there was never any doubt, in the long run, that they’d soon be flying across our midnight sky (rather in the manner of a shooting star, if you will). They are… the Deep Space Nyans.

And they need YOUR help!

On Saturday, June 7th, the Deep Space Nyans will be touching down in Toronto on a crucial mission to restore peace, love, unity, and rainbows to the universe the only way they know how – with cheesy, bouncy, totally ridiculous happy hardcore.

Alas, these poptart cats have lost their Deep Space Nyavigator and no longer know which songs will create the very best and brightest rainbows. And they have turned to Embedded Entertainment and Nyanturnal Commissions for help.

That’s where you come in!

You suggest and vote on the songs you want to hear using the voting form on our Facebook event listing. One week before the event, voting will close; finally, the top voted songs will go head to head during the TRR set as decided by YOU using your purple and green glowsticks. With your help, we’ll turn Toronto into the rainbow-iest, most Nyan-tacular city in all of Deep Space!

Flyer Front

To assist you on your quest, we’ve assembled a heroic team of Nyanvengers, including:

Room 1: The Nyan Room



KLUBFILLER [UK] *Hardcore Set*


YOUR TOTAL REQUEST SET *w/ Dynamic & Flyboy*


CASUAL INSERTION *Xphox & Tempest*

Hosted by: MC OBIE [UK]

Room 2: The Poptart Room

KLUBFILLER [UK] *Bounce Set*








Total Request Rave is one of the world’s premier hardcore events, and we go all out to deliver an unmatched rave experience. Our mission is to create an environment that gives everyone a chance to have the best night of their life. That’s why, besides incredible music, you can also expect:

-          TRIP, STAG, Quixotic Hooplove, and Friendly Fire booths for all your raving needs!

-          World-class décor from our own Dream Builders!

-          Lasers and sound by Lambda Point and Laser Dude!

-          Fresh fruit and candy giveaways all night to keep you energy up!

-          On-site, rave-friendly Medics for your safety!

-          Our traditional Nocturnal Commissions Kandie Kontest – the brighter and more Nyantacular the outfit, the better!

-          Free Glowsticks for the first 300 people through the door!

-          Free CD giveaways from the Nocturnal Commissions crew!

-          And most of all… that one-of-a-kind, brightly-glowing, super-nyantacular, totally-requested vibe that YOU bring with you to each and every NC/Embedded event!

This event is 16+, with a very large 19+ licensed area for our many drinking friends.

Tickets can be purchased for $40 (plus service fee) from the following venues:

TORONTO: Shanti Baba (546 Queen West)

OTTAWA: NRML (184 Rideau Street)


INTERAC: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it – please include full name of ticket holder in notes

NC DIRECT: Pick up a ticket at any DJ Dynamic performance prior to June 7th (no service fee)

If the event does not sell out, any remaining tickets will be available at the door for $45




BUT WAIT, THERE’S MORE! (I’ve always wanted to say that). As big as this show is, we decided we just couldn’t restrict it to a single night. Toronto’s uniquely unified rave community has allowed us to partner with our fellow promoters to make this an all weekend affair! Join us as well for:

A FRIDAY PRE-PARTY with the League of Hardcoredinary Gentlemen!

A SATURDAY KANDIE-JAM AND PICNIC with the Plurtastik crew!
A SUNDAY BOAT CRUISE AFTERPARTY in a joint effort with Daydream and Nocturnal Commissions!

You can purchase tickets individually for each show, or pick up a weekend pass for $75 that will give you access to EVERY event all weekend (including TRR), plus a collectable lanyard for your pass!

We’re so proud of our city and our scene, and it has been a privilege and an honour to have been welcomed as part of the community for these last 9 years. Total Request Rave 10 will be held in November of 2015 and will be the final Nocturnal Commissions event. We hope you’ll join us for these last few shows as we prepare to move on and make way for the many talented and passionate new ravers coming forward. We have no doubt that Toronto’s raving future will be every bit as bright as the past we have shared together. PLUR always, and happy rave. 



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