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A few weeks ago, it came to our attention that there was another festival scheduled for this same weekend. The event was called "Forbidden Kingdom," and was designed to replace WEMF with an old-school style festival based on PLUR and great dance music. Needless to say, that's right up our alley.

VENUE: 100 Marshall Road, Midland, ON.
GATES OPEN: Noon on Friday
MUSIC STARTS: 9 PM on Friday (officially), whenever we get excited (unofficially)
BYOB: Yes (no glass) ANY UNSEALED ALCOHOL/DRINKS WILL BE REFUSED/DUMPED BY SECURITY AT THE GATE.......Buy plastic or cans (sorry guys, not our rules)
MEDICS AND SECURITY: Yes, as always.
CAMPING: Intense. 
PRICE: $80 admission only. $90 for shuttle transportation.

The venue is a sprawling 53 acre hobby farm with tons of room for camping, parking, and raving. It is largely an open field but it is bordered by forest which will also be accessible. 

YOU MAY NOW DRIVE TO THE VENUE! If you purchased a transportation ticket and would now like to drive, please contact us (info AT Nocturnal Commissions DOT com) and we will issue you a refund for the difference.

THERE WILL THEREFORE BE FEWER SHUTTLES - with reduced demand for transportation, we are compressing the shuttles from four to two. I know this will be tough for some, so if that impacts your ability to attend, PLEASE let me (DJ Dynamic) know and I will work with you to find a solution. The new shuttle schedule is:

Friday at 2:30 PM
Friday at 7 PM

If you purchased the 8 PM bus and can't make the 7 PM, please get in touch with us as above. If you are the one person who purchased the Saturday bus transfer, same goes for you. Transportation tickets must be purchased by Thursday evening.

YOU MAY NOT HAVE CAMPFIRES *Yes this is the opposite of what it said earlier. We apologize for the mixup.* There will still be a communal fire pit.

THERE ARE MORE VENDORS. In addition to our vegan food and body painting, we will now also have additional food vendors (meat this time) and a water vendor.

THERE IS AN ENTIRE ADDITIONAL STAGE FULL OF FUCKING AWESOME MUSIC. You are now getting another festival brought to your camp site for no additional cost. The Forbidden Kingdom stage features legends like Deko-Ze, Mike Conradi, Lady Bass, Marty McFly, Switchbass, and many more incredible acts. This will be in addition to our full lineup of hardcore and DnB goodness, which will be listed below in its entirety (at last! Hooray!). This is quite precisely two festivals for the price of one.

WORKSHOPS. We will have a small workshop area for people to teach community workshops, meditate, play music, or just hang out. There will be various fun events held there through the weekend as well.

THERE WILL BE NO CHICKENS. We're very sorry to announce that the chickens and roosters you may or may not have been expecting will not be able to attend. 

KANDIE KINGDOM. We are now Kandie Kingdom. You may adventure time at will.

We recommend that you bring the following to ensure a positive, safe, and not at all sketchy camping experience:

Sunscreen (and sunglasses/hat)
Sweaters/hoodies/jackets (gets cold at night)
Clean undies/socks
Wet wipes
Plastic bag to keep your trash
Any beer/liquor you will require (NOT in glass; cans are fine)
Bug spray
Allergy pills if necessary

And now, your COMPLETE(ish) Kandie Kingdom lineup! Music kicks off at 9 PM and will continue with few breaks (though the sound will be turned down during sleeping time) until we head out on Sunday. These DJs represent many of the top hardcore and DnB DJs in Ontario, with special guests from across the continent for a true North American rave experience!

ad hoc
Baby Duck
Da Lollipop Kids (USA)
Digital Geist (USA)
Johnny Extreme
Kyle K-Tops
Lady Bass
Marty McFly
No Left Turn (USA) b2b Saiyan
Rize (USA)
Scarlet Spades
Scartat & Jeph

We realize this is a lot to take in. Believe me, it's been a lot to pull off in a matter of days with just a week to go to the festival. But we're very proud of our efforts and very excited to be working together with another group of ravers to create one truly unified rave festival. With your support and participation, this is going to be an incredible first festival. 

Questions or concerns? Please don't hesitate to ask us, here or through


Happy rave! WE WILL SEE YOU THERE!!!!!

Choose from 2 shuttle busses:  Friday (2:30PM 7:00PM)




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Have you ever wanted to see the Dread Pirate Roberts square off with Robin Hood, or Rapunzel go on an adventure with Finn and Jake? As you wish! Nocturnal Commissions is back, and once again we’re inviting you to help us create a magical world of our own! Dress up as your favourite fairy tale character and join us for... Raver’s Fantasy!

Flyer Front

Nocturnal Commissions is known around the globe for our high-energy performers, which is why this event’s music will be provided exclusively by Nocturnal Commissions resident DJs and Dream Builders, including:

Gammer [UK] – Nocturnal Commissions, Futureworld

The International DJ Opel – Nocturnal Commissions, Embedded Entertainment

Xphox – Nocturnal Commissions,

DAVEoftheRAVE – Nocturnal Commissions,

Flyboy – Nocturnal Commissions, Daydream Productions


Dynamic – Nocturnal Commissions, Hardcore United Globally


Tenshin – NC Dream Builder, League of Hardcoredinary Gentlemen


Flyer Back

On an adventure like this, it is dangerous to go alone! So take these along with you:

- TRIP, Friendly Fire and Nocturnal Commissions booths for all your raving needs!

- Fantastical decor from the always amazing Dream Builders!

- Fresh Fruit and Candy giveaways through the night to keep your energy up!

- A special fairy tale Character Contest – bonus points for kandie and ridiculousness!

- Free CD giveways from the NC crew!

- Colourful, magical, fantasy fireworks!

- Add your own sentence to our community storybook!

- An Adventure Room – bring your outfit or use one of ours and explore your imagination!

- And most of all, that one-of-a-kind, adventurific, fairytalish, absolutely-and-totally-fantastic vibe that YOU bring with you to every Nocturnal Commissions event!

Tickets available for just $25 from:

Toronto: Shanti Baba (546 Queen Street West) and the Nocturnal Commissions booth

Ottawa: NRML (184 Rideau Street)

Purchase online atwww.NocturnalCommissions.comor through Speakeasy


Door price: $30



Email This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it with any questions or concerns, or TEXT the infoline 647-520-1848


This event is 16+, with a licensed area for those who like to engage in battles of wit… although when selecting your cup you’ll want to be sure you don’t drink from the cup in front of me, although of course I’d know you’ll know that which means you certainly won’t want to drink from the cup in front of you, although… actually, just drink both cups.

This rave is SAFE

PLUR, ROAR, and ROUS in full effect!


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